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  • How do I start skating?
    We recommend starting with our Learn to Skate program, which will teach you basic skating skills. We offer two to three sessions per year. From there, based on coaches’ recommendations, you may decide to move into the ASPIRE program and eventually Club.
  • Is there an age limit?
    All ages are welcome but in our Learn to Skate program, we see our skaters start to have success at the age of 5.
  • Why should I skate?
    Why not! It feels great to skate!
  • What’s the best way to contact the Cortland Figure Skating Club?
    Email us at or the message option on our website.
  • What do I wear?
    Anything that is comfortable for practice. There are a lot of skating pants and jacket options. Fleece jackets and headbands are common, and gloves are super handy!
  • Do I need my own skates?
    Your own skates are recommended to make sure you have a proper fit and support. We do have skates available for the Learn to Skate program but cannot guarantee size availability.
  • Where do I get skates?
    For skaters just starting their journey, skates can be found at Dick's Sporting Goods and M&M Skatewear in Camillus, as well as online retailers such Amazon. Used skates can also be found at Instant Replay Sports in Ithaca. If you’re working with a coach, they will have recommendations based on the skater’s level. As your skater progresses and you think about more customized skates, there are specialized figure skating stores in Buffalo and Syracuse.
  • Are skaters in the Learn to Skate program required to take private lessons? How does that work?
    Private lessons may be taken during the last 30 minutes of the Learn to Skate session. Private lessons are not required, but are beneficial to help skaters progress if they may want to join Club in the future.
  • How do I get into the ASPIRE program?
    Joining the Aspire program is typically based off of the recommendation of your skater's Learn to Skate coach. If you do have questions, please stop by the Learn to Skate table, or email us at
  • How do I find a coach?
    We have a list of coaches available here who are available for lessons. We encourage you to reach out directly!
  • How do I know when I’m ready to join Club?
    Your skater's coach will best be able to help you understand when your skater is ready to make the jump to Club. We recommend speaking with your skater's coach with any questions. If you are joining the Cortland Figure Skating Club from a different USFSA recognized club, please email use
  • How much do coaches charge per lesson?
    Fees vary by coach, but typically range between $15 and $20 for 15 minute lessons.
  • Is skating expensive and how much does it cost to skate and be a Club skater?
    There are various fees associated with skating: 1) There is a yearly membership fee to the club. 2) There are yearly dues for US Figure Skating. 3) Club skaters buy ice packages, which covers their ice time. 4) Coaching fees are paid directly to the coaches and will vary depending on the coach’s fees and amount of time per lesson. 5) Additional costs would be if the skater decides to participate in test sessions or competitions.
  • How often should skaters have a lesson? Do Club skaters have more lessons?
    This will vary based on both your skater's and coach's wants and needs. Some coaches prefer to have their students have a lesson each day they skate. Other coaches leave that decision up to the parents and their budget.
  • How long is a Club skate session and how long and often should I practice?
    Club Ice sessions are typically 2 hours. Individual practice time should be discussed with your coach.
  • How do I get involved in skating competitions?
    There are competitions at all skill levels for figure skaters. Your coach can help you decide when the skater is ready and what you will need to do in preparation.
  • What does “testing” mean and should skaters do this?
    Testing is the natural progression in figure skating as skaters learn new elements and skills. Testing through levels is a great way to mark progress and set new goals. When your coach thinks the skater is ready, they can participate in testing at CFSC. Visit U.S. Figure Skating for more information about test structure.
  • Can parents watch their skater at practice?
    Yes, parents are welcome to watch from the bleachers or the lobby window. We do ask that parents refrain from standing in the doorway.
  • As a parent, am I required to volunteer for the Club?
    We rely on the volunteer efforts of family members and are always in need of volunteers. From checking in members at club ice to helping at test sessions, or from handing out skates for the Learn to Skate Program to various fundraising efforts, we have many volunteer opportunities to get involved.
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