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CFSC Ice Block Packages - 2022-23

An Ice Block Package can only be purchased by Cortland Figure Skating Club home and associate club members. Once you purchase a package, you will receive an Ice Block Package Pass with the details of your purchase (see samples below). The pass is not transferrable and can be used only by the skater whose name is on the pass. 

  • Each ice block offers three ice package levels – A, B and C.  Depending on the total number of skating sessions a member purchases, the per session rate varies among the three ice package levels – the more sessions purchased, the lower the per session rate charged. Within each package, the per session rate is different between home members and associate members – home members pay a lower per session rate. 

  • Each skating session is two hours.  The ice time is counted in full session increments. 

  • The skater MUST present their ice block package pass to the board member at the check-in table before the skater is allowed to enter the rink. The board member is required to check off the session the skater is skating by signing the date of the session.

  •  No refunds will be issued for any unused sessions (unless the sessions are cancelled by JMM). Unused sessions within an ice block are not allowed to roll over to the next ice block. Member skaters are required to acquire an ice block package pass by purchasing their chosen ice package level and number of sessions. The skater may choose to submit the online order form posted on the club’s website or fill out and return a hard copy of the order form to the black mailbox on the club room wall by the deadline specified on the order form.
    Online order forms: Home: Associate:

The ice block package pass will be prepared for the skater as soon as the skater’s completed order form is received. Initial installment or full payment (check or cash only) for the ice block package is due by the first session the skater skates, when the skater can pick up his/her package pass at the check-in table.

 Package Add-on Ice Pass for Home Club and Associate Members

  • If a member skater wants to skate in more sessions during an ice block than originally purchased, the skater can purchase a Package Add-on Ice Pass at the same rate per session. The skater only needs to show the original ice block package pass to the board member at the check-in table and purchase a Package Add-on Ice Pass before the session starts.

  • Each Package Add-on Ice Pass is good for one-time use.


Pricing and Printable Order Forms can be downloaded here:

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